In relation to the team:

  • Continue to respect each other and respect each other's knowledge, experiences and background.
  • Support and help each other not only on a professional basis but also on a personal basis.  Give positive praise to each other.
  • Work together and remember open, honest and clear communication.
  • To remember to have fun.
  • To encourage ourselves to try new challenges.
  • Positive role modelling in all areas of development.
  • Ensure that we continue to attend regular staff meetings and continue with effective communication between each other.
  • Continue to work in collaboration with each other and myself to achieve your goals and objectives set from appraisals.
  • Evaluate new programming and observation systems.
  • Enhance feedback of communication between yourselves and parents, eg. verbal.
  • Ensure that all policies, procedures, EYLF and current regulations are read and you become familiar with them.
  • Contribute to policies when relevant.
  • Ensure that OH&S, Safety and Hygiene practices are active and practiced at all times.

In relation to the children:

  • To remember that children are capable and resourceful individuals.
  • To continue to respect children as independent individuals.
  • To offer the children more choices and self-direction.
  • To continue to extend the children's interests.
  • Acknowledge each child by name upon arrival and departure.
  • To continue to provide the children with a safe, homely and secure environment.
  • To continue to show tolerance to all children.
  • To offer the children with more influences from within the community.
  • Continue to purchase useful resources for the children.
  • Continue to focus on the process rather than the product.
  • To offer the children more discovery.
  • Continue to provide the high quality and enjoyable environment for all children and their families.
  • Continue to provide a nurturing and challenges that are age/stage appropriate to each individual child.
  • Engage in indoor/outdoor programme that includes walks around the environment regularly.
  • Visiting the Park at least once a term.
  • Continue to enhance portfolios.

In relation to the parents:

  • To acknowledge each parent by name upon arrival and departure.
  • To work in partnership with parents.
  • To encourage more parent interaction through parent get togethers eg. Group Time participation.
  • To encourage more parent involvement through more one on one communication when possible, using positive words.  WATCH WORDS USED WHEN COMMUNICATING WITH PARENTS.
  • Keep parents more informed of our programme and roles as early childhood educators.
  • Continue to support all families and be aware of their home environment eg. single parents, change of home situation, change of address, arrival of a new baby.
  • To continue to support all parents and continue to make them feel welcome at any time.

In relation to the Community:

  • Involve the community through invitations to our special events, through walks around the community and through visiting the residents at the nursing home.
  • To explore our surroundings through small excursions.
  • To involve the Police and the Fire Brigade in our programme.

In relation to the Management Committee:

  • To continue to respect the committees background knowledge.
  • Effective, open and honest communication.
  • Encourage staff to get to know committee.
  • Encourage new families to join committee.

Individual Aims

The program at Sun Valley Pre-School Kindergarten aims to encourage and further develop in children:

  • lively, inquiring minds, a love of learning and a willingness to apply effort to all tasks
  • ability to think rationally
  • use of their imagination
  • powers of self expression
  • physical and emotional development
  • self-esteem, self confidence, respect and consideration for others
  • a coherent set of personal and social values
  • decision making and problem solving skills
  • an understanding of themselves and their world
  • competence in intellectual, social and physical skills

Parent Reviews


My child has been in Sun Valley for one year now. Mrs. Correna and the teachers have always provided him with all the support he needs. I am truly grateful to Sun Valley not only because my child has made so much progress but also he feels great sense of belonging here.


My daughter has loved being at sun valley and has thrived in her learning and development. She has learnt more strategies to manage her emotions and has enjoyed the structure to enable her to be ready for kindergarten.

The staff are kind, empathetic and are experienced allowing the day to work like clockwork. I love that she has been allowed to be herself, she has felt safe and secure to learn, play, fail and try again whilst making some lovely connections with her peers fostered in a supportive and safe environment. As parents we enjoyed getting to know the families of the children and are sad but excited for the next chapter of big school. Thank you for a great year Correna and team!

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Sun Valley is a wonderful preschool which offers a fantastic variety of enriching experiences for students. My two children have attended Sun Valley Preschool and they have both thrived under the guidance and support of the lovely teachers. I would definitely recommend Sun Valley to parents looking for a caring, nurturing environment for their children.


Sunvalley preschool has encouraged my child to WANT to be independent and to WANT to learn. It has been a big year of learning and growing, building on confidence and curiosity.