Preschool Requirements

  • Please NAME all belongings, including items of clothing, morning tea, lunch etc
  • Please provide cushion /bed sheets for Mon/Tues children
  • Children need to be fully toilet trained
  • Include a spare set of clothes in a plastic bag
  • Provide a hat & sunscreen everyday
  • Healthy snacks and lunch
  • NO nut products including Nutella and packaged foods labelled as containing ‘traces of nut'
  • Our hours of operation are strictly Monday - Tuesday 8:30 - 4:00pm Wednesday - Friday 9am - 3pm during the school term.

Parent Reviews


My child has been in Sun Valley for one year now. Mrs. Correna and the teachers have always provided him with all the support he needs. I am truly grateful to Sun Valley not only because my child has made so much progress but also he feels great sense of belonging here.


My daughter has loved being at sun valley and has thrived in her learning and development. She has learnt more strategies to manage her emotions and has enjoyed the structure to enable her to be ready for kindergarten.

The staff are kind, empathetic and are experienced allowing the day to work like clockwork. I love that she has been allowed to be herself, she has felt safe and secure to learn, play, fail and try again whilst making some lovely connections with her peers fostered in a supportive and safe environment. As parents we enjoyed getting to know the families of the children and are sad but excited for the next chapter of big school. Thank you for a great year Correna and team!

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Sun Valley is a wonderful preschool which offers a fantastic variety of enriching experiences for students. My two children have attended Sun Valley Preschool and they have both thrived under the guidance and support of the lovely teachers. I would definitely recommend Sun Valley to parents looking for a caring, nurturing environment for their children.


Sunvalley preschool has encouraged my child to WANT to be independent and to WANT to learn. It has been a big year of learning and growing, building on confidence and curiosity.