"The educators take great efforts to foster independence and skill development Beautiful natural surroundings that enhances learning and growth Child loves the small peer groups that allows her to expand her comfort zone."

"Sun Valley is a wonderful preschool which offers a fantastic variety of enriching experiences for students. My two children have attended Sun Valley Preschool and they have both thrived under the guidance and support of the lovely teachers. I would definitely recommend Sun Valley to parents looking for a caring, nurturing environment for their children."


"My daughter has loved being at sun valley and has thrived in her learning and development. She has learnt more strategies to manage her emotions and has enjoyed the structure to enable her to be ready for kindergarten. The staff are kind, empathetic and are experienced allowing the day to work like clockwork. I love that she has been allowed to be herself, she has felt safe and secure to learn, play, fail and try again whilst making some lovely connections with her peers fostered in a supportive and safe environment. As parents we enjoyed getting to know the families of the children and are sad but excited for the next chapter of big school. Thank you for a great year Correna and team!."


"Sunvalley preschool has encouraged my child to WANT to be independent and to WANT to learn. It has been a big year of learning and growing, building on confidence and curiosity."


"My child has been in Sun Valley for one year now. Mrs. Correna and the teachers have always provided him with all the support he needs. I am truly grateful to Sun Valley not only because my child has made so much progress but also he feels great sense of belonging here."


"I cannot believe how much incredible effort and dedication the teachers at Sun Valley have put into supporting and helping my little Erik to grow .Erik started Sun Valley's journey with my concern about his delayed speech development. And I also worry about him fitting into this all-new environment with more than 20 little kids without me. To my surprise, it only took him two or three weeks to adapt to his new life form, and he started to like Sun Valley.

He likes the activities and programs offered at preschool, and he always wants to stay longer to play. He also loves the teachers. He would say bye-bye to every teacher before he left. He even asks us to send him back to preschool on those days he is not supposed to go due to different age groups during the week.

He can say more words as well as short sentences and gradually long sentences and more vocabulary. He has tried to catch up with his speech development with the help of the Sun Valley. I sincerely appreciate Sun Valley and know with certainty that my Erik will continue to have a wonderful year with Sun Valley."


"Sun Valley is a wonderful preschool that comes with an amazing community. You can tell the staff really care about the children and do whatever they can to give our children the best start to their school years."


"Sunvalley Preschool is a great place to be. Every teacher in Sunvalley has been a positive influence on Lewis. They instil confidence and discipline. They nurture a love of learning. My son has established friendships with his peers through play, physical activities, and school events. He approaches to knowledges of emotional and physical safety, healthy eating, and community. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for all teachers that provide our son a beautiful preschool life in 2022. Not only for assisting him with smooth transition to big school but giving him confidence and skills he needs to blossom in big school."


"I think Sun Valley school will be the best for children to play and educate them in a safe, free and diverse way. I highly recommend it."

Hwanhee Kim

"Sun Valley is very transparent and active in sharing children’s development throughout the year. Our child looked forward to participating all aspects of learning at Sun Valley."


"My child has become more confident and is willing to express her opinions, which is my expectation at the beginning of her preschool. She is feeling relaxed, secure and happy everyday she goes to preschool and established good bond with teachers and her peers."


"I have been conducting speech therapy sessions at Sun Valley Preschool this year. Correna has always been very warm and welcoming to me and has made it a very enjoyable place to work. I have observed her maintain high standards in relation to following protocols to keep children and staff safe in this very challenging year. All of the staff at Sun Valley have been warm and friendly towards me and I have felt like part of the team. Both Correna and the staff followed through with suggestions for helping children with their speech and language development and all of the children have made very pleasing progress. The families I worked with often commented positively about the experience at Sun Valley."

Jill Tate, Speech Pathologist, December 2020

"Sun Valley is a welcoming and caring community which always puts the needs of each child first. The staff take the time to get to know the children as unique individuals and set appropriate goals for their physical, social and intellectual development. Both my children have loved their time, taking advantage particularly of their beautiful outdoor space and wonderful resources."

Michelle Clark

"No other pre-school will prepare your child for school as well as Sun Valley. The love, care and creativity that they showed to my kids was endless and I can't thank them enough for that."


"As soon as I met Correna and saw the school, I knew it was the right place for Alex. The playground is spacious and beautifully set out each morning to tap into each child's individual needs and interests. Each learning program is individually tailored to each child's capability ensuring that all children feel successful, regardless of where they are at.

The amount of time and work that is invested into the portfolios of the children is amazing. I honestly feel like I am right there, enjoying the moment when I read the comments in Alex's folder. This is one of the many things that sets Sun Valley apart from other care offerings.

To say that Alex has had an amazing year, is honestly not even close to articulating how good Sun Valley has been for him. He has come so far and we attribute a great deal of his growth to his time and teachers at Sun Valley. A particular thanks to Correna, who has taken our son under her wing. She has nurtured, loved and supported Alex..... she has lifted him up to have the confidence to believe in himself and to know he can achieve anything he puts his mind to. Thank you Correna and thank you Sun Valley. We will never forget what you have done for Alex and our family."

Samantha and Scott Robinson

"My three children have attended Sun Valley Preschool. We feel very lucky to have Sun Valley as our local preschool. Programs/activities are always organised and engaging. Educators are nice and put their best effort to make parents and children feel a sense of belonging. I have recommended Sun Valley to a lot of my friends."


"Sun Valley is an amazing centre. All the educators have been so kind and friendly. my daughter has thoroughly enjoyed each day. The in-house activities such as soccer, birthdays and other cultural celebrations have been great. Thank you for providing a home away from home and we would highly recommend the centre to parents without a doubt!."

"We can't recommend Sun Valley Pre-School enough! Every term I see my daughter's self esteem, social skills, academic and manners improve as she becomes ready for kindy. Even with COVID19, Sun Valley has done a wonderful job at keeping activities consistent. Thank you for caring so much."

Iris Liang

"After an arduous search, my wife and I knew Sun Valley Pre-School Kindergarten was the place to send our kids the moment we walked in the door. The genuine warmth of the staff and the joy and manners of the children present was immediately evident. That said, it's only now that our son Jake has been attending for an extended period of time that we are able to fully appreciate all the fine attributes Sun Valley Pre-School Kindergarten has provided him with. Jake has come on in leaps and bounds with regards to his confidence levels, his thirst for knowledge, his respect for others and his positive outlook. His development has amazed us.

In fact, we are so impressed that we have made Jake's baby sister Sophie's future attendance at Sun Valley non-negotiable. It's truly hard to figure out who likes Sun Valley Pre-School Kindergarten more; Jake or his parents. Sun Valley Pre-School Kindergarten has exceeded our every expectation and we are forever grateful for their continued dedication to bettering our childs life."

Kristoff and Kate Barrington

"Sun Valley Pre-School Kindergarten is a centre of excellence. Both my children have attended the preschool and I couldn’t have asked for a better preschool experience for them. It has a great facility and a beautiful quiet scenic location, but it’s biggest asset are the dedicated staff who clearly love what they are doing. The variety of experiences offered to the children on a daily basis is amazing and enables all children, including my son with special needs, to reach their best potential and give them the very best start to their schooling. Sun Valley Pre-School Kindergarten is a friendly environment with a real community feel and a joy to be part of."

Tracey Lancaster